The Summerschool 2010 will take place in Köpenick, Berlin (Germany). The conference venue is called "Flussbad" and is located directly at the shore of the river Spree - including sandy beaches inside the big metropolis. Among other activities, there is swimming, canoeing and rafting (Please visit the webpage of the conference location for more information).

You will find the "Flussbad" by entering "der cöpenicker e.v." in Google-maps. Public transportation in Berlin can be queried here (enter "Gartenstrasse 46, 12557 Berlin" as the address).

Accomodation inside the conference venue will be either in the hotel or in the hostel.
The hotel contains 7 rooms (2 four-bed, 3 three-bed, 2 two-bed) with private facilities.
The hostel contains 45 beds in four-bed, six-bed and eight-bed rooms with shared WC/showers.

Please note that we plan to book shared rooms with two or more beds. In order to guarantee a private (single) room you have to inform the organizers as soon as possible. This is due to pre-registration regulations of the hotel in Köpenick (Berlin). The price for the one-week full accomodation with meals will be approximately 300 Euros.